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Calling out to all Medicaid Providers

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

The Association needs information on your success or problems in getting on Medicaid panels or HMO's and how they compare to other insurers rates? Would like to especially hear from those who do primarily Medicaid services in primary care. With the move to HMO's many think NPs will be excluded or denied access to this insurance program. Any billing issues?


Donna O'Hara over 5 years ago

I've been told by one HMO that because I have a private practice (no MD on site), I will have to route all patients through my protocol physician, who will have to be approved and credentialed by them, or my medipass assignments will all dwindle and disappear. I hope not and it hasn't happened yet. I do not quite understand how efforts for affordable care can allow HMO's to require that they make only MD assignments when, via Medipass (managed care), we were able to accept direct assignments. Hopefully this will be resolved.

Gail Sadler over 5 years ago

Hello, Donna can you please let me know if you are in Florida and if you practice as a owner of your practice. The ACA in Florida will process in, with different changes since the State did not except the federal money. There are three maybe four awards of insurance given by the state to underwrite the new ACA monies distribution. Hope this helps, if you have an relationship with your Medicare representive at this time , keep close connect the situation changes daily , your representative may not have the full answer presently.

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