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Update: Good Bills and Bad Bills headed to FL Legislators

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

Good Bills For ARNPs:
HB 413:  Physical Therapy Bill: FNPN sponsored bill to allow NPs to order PT. Know well this had opposition to keep ARNPs from being "practitioner of record" and PTs did not want to open thier practice act to add NPs to the list of providers. This will get your patients PT without the hassle, the limit is the 21 day treatment plan issue still. But a step in the right direction...

Bad Bills for ARNP's:
SB 612 by Senator Bill Galvano, Bradenton, FL: The "Dr Title" Bill making it a FELONY for Nurses with Doctorate to use DR title in clinical setting!! A house bill is forth coming from Representative Fitzehagen from Ft Myers too. This is not a isolated bill important to NPs with doctorates, read the bill its a slap in the face to all nurses as it exclusively denies them thier right to use thier educational degree. No other "non-physician" group is required to follow this requirement!!



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