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ICN NP Conference Rotterdam a Huge Success! Jean Aertker Presents on Business Ownership in USA

Posted almost 4 years ago by Jean Aertker

The International Conference for APN's was held August 26-29th, 2018 in Rotterdam Netherlands. ANPB presented our work on networking with NPs who want to start a business, enhance their market share or develop an Exit plan! Jean Aertker, DNP, APRN, business owner for 21 years, presented to a large crowd of NPs from across the globe. While Socialized Medicine is the norm in most other countries, there still is a niche for NP business models. Some are home health, primary care, psych, med spa and specialty care around the world.  I see the need for a current Registry of NP business owners for referrals! How about an International referral contact list or website! 

Members of ANPB have consulted with or helped find a mentor for thousands of NPs since we started in 2010. We simply want to be a real source without fees to help others see ownership is possible. More NPs are creating unique business models, but unfortunately it is still hard to locate a NP owned business. Fictitious names used for our companies often do not indicate NP ownership, websites do not emphasize NP ownership,  and phone books are defunct! So how do we get and stay connected?

ANPB is a free mentoring network of practice owners and self-employed NPs. While we do not engage in legal advice, we can help you network with others who have made the dive into ownership. We get questions regularly and have helped others avoid common errors or saved money.

This site is intended for business owners and self-employed but we welcome all who may be thinking of taking the plunge and becoming an entrepreneur! Feel free to contact us anytime! 


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