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APRN's take front stage for access to care for Floridians. Channel 10 Interview of APRN Dr. Jean Aertker and APRN Dr. Janet DuBois

Posted about 3 years ago by Gail Sadler

What an inspiring interview, share with your family and friends. Post on your facebook. Click or paste the link:

SB Bill 972 needs to have the opportunity to be on the agenda.Everyone has asked " what can I do ", what you can do is share the interview and take action.

Unfortunately, Senator Gayle Harrell who is the health policy chair is refusing to hear or place the bill for agenda.

There is a serious need for access to care for the citizens of the State of Florida. There is an insufficient supply of primary care providers and current state laws prevent many citizens from accessing care by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

There are over 29,000 APRNs in the State of Florida that can meet the various medical needs.  Please place SB972 on your Committee Agenda."

Please email Senator's Harrell's office at

Fax her office 888-263-7895 and call her office 772-221-4019.