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Announcement ARNP OPEN POSITION. (Excellent opportunity)

Posted about 5 years ago by Gail Sadler

SaJune Institute has a opportunity for an ARNP to work with the world recognized Dr.S. Patti MD.
Dr. Patti will provide these NPs with mentorship and training as they work with her.
Please contact Laurie Grane on her cell at 407-761-9967, Dr. Patti 's practice is located in Orlando Florida.
The SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine offers integrated, evidence-based medical therapies, combining conventional, natural and complimentary modalities therapy  .The restorative model used at SaJune aims to restore optimal function to the body through 1) bio-identical hormone restoration, 2) nutritional restoration 3) detoxification 4) mind balance and 5) body balance. 
Please let Dr. Patti know you heard about this position from your Association of Nurse Practitioner in Business. If there are any difficulties in reaching the institute , please feel free to contact your President of ANPB-Gail Sadler 727-776-1678