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ALERT: DME CHANGE - THis will have an affect on your practice

Posted about 5 years ago by Gail Sadler

The July 1, 2013 deadline for documenting face-to-face visits with patients requiring Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is quickly approaching. Those of you who are Medicare Providers should have received a guidance regarding the durable medical equipment that falls under this regulation and the manner in which the documentation of the face-to-face visit is to be reported. While the list has been reduced in size, there are still several items present that NPs need to order without delay. Seeking a physician to document these items, particularly in our underserved areas, can create problems for patient well-being. It will also be noted that the required documentation is to be placed on the patient’s medical record, which will not be feasible in many settings. Click here for MLN Matters Report. AANP is very concerned about the implementability of this regulation as it is currently written and is seeking Congressional assistance to take steps to remedy this problem. It is important that you review the guidelines to determine how this regulation will affect your practice and your patients’ well-being and that your legislators are made aware of this situation. Information to assist you in communicating with them to ask for 1. A delay in the implementation deadline, 2. The removal of items that we need to be able to order for our patients such as nebulizers, oxygen, infusion pumps, glucometers and padding and 3. A revision of the medical record requirement to a more reasonable documentation process may be found on our Capwiz site in the advocacy section on the home page of the AANP website.