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Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator - Walmart's Get on The Shelf contest

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker

About IrrigatorNasalSpray's channel: Check it out on U-Tube!

Congratulations to Dr. Ed Neuzil and his great progress in marketing his patented nasal spray!

Neuzil's Irrigator is an herbal-enhanced nasal cleansing spray that fits in your pocket or purse for use when you need it and without fear of medicinal addiction. Developed by Ed Neuzil, a PhD and board-certified nurse practitioner in Lady lake, located in central Florida, with over 11 years in the allergy, asthma and sinus specialty, Irrigator's herbal enhanced saline pump spray is easy and pleasant to use.

Recipient of the "Parent Tested - Parent Approved" seal of approval, Irrigator cleanses, refreshes and provides sinus relief due to irritants, pollen, pet dander, and more. Order on line or find a local retailer at

See the video at:


ENP Admin over 5 years ago

Great work Ed...!

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