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Posted over 4 years ago by Gail Sadler

HB 7071, the ARNP independent practice bill was trimmed down a bit and rolled into an "omnibus" bill, HB 7113.

The new bill takes out CRNAs from being allowed to be independent. It keeps the joint committee but makes a change in the committee make up to remove the surgeon general and add a pharmacist. It charges this committee to develop an "exclusionary" formulary . This formulary will list medications under controlled substances that NPs may not prescribe. The bill keeps our name to ARNP but adds a new category called "INP" for Independent Nurse Practitioner. To be an INP one must have 2000 hours of post grad experience from any state in the country. One must also have a graduate course in pharmacology and be nationally certified. It allows for Baker Act and Death certificate signatures for INPs and allows psychiatric NPs to release a baker act.

It is tied to the Trauma Center Bill , Tele-health Bill and other bills of high importance to the senate.

This strategy is what is known as an Omnibus bill.

Next stop is the house floor and from there is goes to the senate where you can be sure fireworks will be flying. Representative Pigman was brilliant in the committee. We were the first bill to be heard. You can access the video here.

If this bill passes, it will change Florida's health care landscape and move it into the twenty first century. Access to health care will exponentially improve by leaps and bounds. Please call and email your state representatives and ask them to support HB 7113.

You can find your state reps here