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NPs mentioned in a very favorable way

Posted almost 6 years ago by Gail Sadler

Thanks to Carol D'Abbraccio , from New York , she has written," wanted to share this article." Newsday is a very popular paper on Long Island, and because LI is do densely populated, the circulation numbers are amongst the top 20 in the country.

This is from Sunday's Newsday. The article is written by two physicians who address the current physician shortage (they are both from Stony Brook). I was quite pleased to see NPs mentioned in a very favorable way! It is on page A24 if you prefer to read the print edition. Click here If unable to access quote from below:

"There is another approach. We might focus on producing more nurse practitioners and physician assistants. There's ample evidence that these clinicians can provide primary care equivalent to physicians in outpatient settings. New York should remove the demeaning restrictions to independent practice of nurse practitioners, such as the requirement that they subject themselves to superfluous "physician supervision." And, we should invest more in training them; there is ample demand for training programs, but inadequate access to them."