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USF NP Alumni- Nominate your business! Fast 56 Nomination Form

Posted over 5 years ago by Jean Aertker


Universioty of South Florida Alumni Qualifications to SIGN UP!  GREAT way to get recognitiion for your business!

1. Business must be Owned or Operated by a former USF student and must meet one of the following:

  • A former USF student** or group of former students must have owned 50% or more of the company during the eligible period.


  • A former USF student must have served as the company’s chief executive (for example chairman, CEO, president, or managing partner) during the eligible period.


  • A former USF student must have founded the company and been active as a member of the most senior management team during the eligible period.
    **For the purposes of this award, a “former student” is defined as someone completing 60 hours of coursework at any accredited institution of the USF System

2. Business must have been in operation for a minimum of 36 months to be considered.
3. Business must have verifiable revenues of at least $250,000 for the most recent 12 month period.


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